June 28, 2013

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Namu is a  bamboo coat hanger made through a sustainable making process. The coat hanger features 2 flexible arms that allow it to be inserted in shirts without stretching the collar.

The Bamboo Hanger was born through a material-centred approach.

After experimenting with 4 different type of "natural" materials, the challenge was to make use of the physical property of the chosen material to design a sustainable functional product.

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More with Less is the philosophy of achieving great results using modest and sustainable resources and processes.

4 Materials available: Bamboo, Food, Soft Wood and Carboard/Paper.

Note: Food included any type of unprocessed ingredient.

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Before selecting bamboo as a material to create, I got to experiment with the other 3 using various rather strange processes.

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Bamboo has some of the most amazing qualities among any natural material.

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After trying to boil, freeze, microwave, shred, chip, chew bamboo, I made great discoveries to process the plant.
Through scoring of large pieces of bamboo, I could twist the stick without breaking it. 

There are few ways to bend bamboo. Steam bending? Not that easy.. Burn bending? More likely.

Bamboo is usually bent shortly after it has been cut. I had troubles sourcing green fresh bamboo in the UK.

Being stuck with dry sticks, I had to deal with the constraints of the material.

Through sweat and frustration, I eventually made a great discovery: when heated slowly, the dry strips of bamboo start bending and retaining their shape. I used the things I had at home and developed a little bending machine. One strip of steel supported by two blocks of wood, and heated by a tealight candle.

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This initial concept is the one I decided to push forward.

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AuthorJon Gomez