November 02, 2013

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Festool radio is a personal radio for professional woodworkers. Carpenters and cabinet makers need precise instruments which aren't a hassle to transport. The Festool radio is a small device that follow the worker on the toughest jobs.

What if Festool was a radio?

During this branding project, I had to design a radio for a brand I have been given. Combining brand analysis tools and design thinking, I had to imagine how would Festool - a power tool manufacturer - design a radio.


Festool had led the power tool industry for decades. At the top-end of the market, the brand is loved by professional wood workers such as carpenters and cabinet makers.

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The company reinvented itself 4 times in less than a century. This shows its motivation to adapt to the fast changing needs of its customers. They developed a range of products that allows mobility and precision for professionals on the go.

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The Radio is dead.


The old archetype of the radio is dead. Mobile devices, bluetooth speakers and streaming services are now how the mass consumes music and radio programs. To be relevant in the flooded market of music devices, Festool has to bring real value to its customers.

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AuthorJon Gomez