November 27, 2013

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We believe in more collaboration!

At Central Saint Martins, 4000 artists and designers from various disciplines are under one roof. A couple of friends and I decided to create an event where those creatives could collaborate on one project: the first ever CSM Designathon.

Event Organisation

As a self initiated project, our small team had to organise and design the whole event. With the full support from the college, we got funding to make the designathon happen.

Day 1

The theme for this first designathon was to "Make CSM better". Through design thinking and collaboration of different skills, the goal of the participating teams were to redesign the art school.

We gathered 50 creatives from CSM to collaborate on this intense 2 day project.

Day 2

At the end of the 2 days, each team had to present their project to a panel of jury. The winning teams would get full funding for their ideas and would have to implement them.


The event ended with a great party gathering the 5 participating teams, the organisation team as well as the panel of jury and design professionals who attended the presentations.

Event video coming soon.jpg

Our final video isn't finished yet. We will release it soon.

Top 3 presentations

Designathon Team


Thank you to the Designathon team for working hard on this project and helping to make a positive change at Central Saint Martins.

Sherif Maktabi, Joel August Stein, Jennifer Ball, Gloria Chiang, Taymah Anderson, Inês Simões, Kate Kubrak, Alexia Danton and Haley Ma, together we made it happen!

AuthorJon Gomez