March 17, 2013

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Oakley Asphalt is the first urban cycling jacket that allows safety without compromising on style.

Project process

The Asphalt jacket came to life for a design competition organised by Oakley in collaboration with D&AD.

This contest is aiming to define the urban cyclist performance requirements.

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Progressively, people choose the bicycle as their main medium of transport.

Being for many a recreational activity, cycling apparels and accessories are rarely adapted to the urban commuter's lifestyle.

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The Oakley Asphalt is aiming to satisfy the cyclist needs in an urban environment. It bridges the gap between style and performance.

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The jacket has hidden functions which allows it to look fashionable without compromising on safety.

When riding, the cyclist quickly opens the reflective areas, hold together with magnets.

Oakley Asphalt Cover Photo 5.jpg

The most visible parts of the body when cycling are covered with high visibility fabricsusing the 3M Scotchlite technology.

Oakley Asphalt Cover Photo 10.jpg

The jacket has additional practical features such as waterproof pockets, armpit zippers, back vents, back and sleeve pockets to make the urban cycling experience convenient in any situation.

AuthorJon Gomez