March 02, 2014

Nursd is a user centred system for Accident and Emergency departments, helping them being more efficient and delivering a better service to patients. Nursd uses technologies of tomorrow, supporting itself on big data and wearable technology.

Note: This product was designed for the british National Health Services (NHS).

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The healthcare system of today is outdated for the requirements of today and tomorrow.

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Ethnographic research

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In order to understand precisely how A&E works I had to map out the journey of every users: patient, nurse & doctor.

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After mapping out each step of the process, I had to identify at what stages the users felt most unhappy -highlighted in red above-. Those pin points served to identify where the design opportunities were.

Note: This diagram is based on the Pearson Lloyd study 2011.

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After a week of ideation and concept development, I settled on one idea. The solution would include a monitoring wristband.

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When designing for healthcare, anthropometrics must be carefully taken into account. To reduce costs, "one-size-fits-all" solutions are preferred.

Final design.

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My design proposal includes a management software for hospital staff coupled with a monitoring wristband + app for patients.

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NHS Pro allows nurses and doctors to be more efficient through the use of new technologies such as voice controlled devices, internet connected medical instruments (part of IoT), etc… The patient follow up and medical history access features help carers make better diagnosis.

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The app is designed to inform the patient about the way he will be treated and gives him general informations about the A&E process.

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Nursd wristband consists of an electronic module and a nylon wristband. The module contains all the sensors necessary for the monitoring of the vital signs as well as a display to receive informations from the hospital.

As soon as they check in, patients will be given a wristband which will monitors their vital signs until they get assessed. This allows to have more accurate data and also makes the patients feel like they are being taken care of as the assessment has already started.

The app can give the patient alternatives to A&E. After a symptom check, with the help of the app, patients can take the decision to visit their GP if not urgent.

The wristband coupled with the software helps nurses and doctors make better decision. The ability to review patients' A&E visits  gives staff the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and improve.

AuthorJon Gomez